Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 2014!

New Years Eve

Clean bill of health.

A little bit of apple with his peanut butter.


Loves playing games.

My little cowboy and Shadow.

 Drew being Drew.

Evening at the barn.





Making popcorn with Uncle Barry!

 Drew is not sure about Shadow.



 Long night...

Taking Mommy out for Birthday lunch.
Photo: Sweet boy took Mommy on a Birthday date!  Love him! #jacksonreid
Photo: Sweet Birthday date! #sometimesyoujustneedanap #beforeandafterhismeltdown #thomasdrew
**Drew was being a tad lively this morning. Jackson says, "drew drew can't we just relax? Be nice to Mommy. Its her Birthday ya know!"

During bath time tonight Drew pooped in the tub for the first time. Jackson was totally creeped out then he cracks a grin and says, "Ha! Happy Birthday Mommy!"

My favorite moments of my 30th

**Finally took the boys to see Frozen. I was a tad nervous about taking Drew. He is my little busy body. Oh my goodness! They both loved it! Drew was on the edge of his seat, engaged the entire time, swayed with the music, clapped at the end and laid a big kiss on Mommy! This is the 20 month old who has no interest in tv!

Jackson almost made me cry. He was such a big boy!!! I felt like I was at the movies with a little man, not a 3 year old.

On another note, going to the movies is not cheap. Thanks Nanna Barbara for the treat!

Drew loves Saltgrass!
Photo: This kid and his food. Don't touch his bread & butter. He will hurt you!  #saltgrass

Photo: Drew wasn't sharing with anyone. Jackson was worried he may not get to eat...he's holding onto the cup of sugar tight! #jacksonreid #saltgrass #littlebrotherwashungry

Cousin Love!
Photo: #cantrellcousins

**I am so proud of Marty Cantrell! Not only does he work fulltime, allows me to stay at home with the boys, puts up with me , is an amazing hands on Daddy and husband (this guy volunteers to do laundry any day of the week & always does or helps with bath time for the boys!) HE ALSO MAKES A 101% on his midterm, and is only 2.5 quarters away from having an MBA! I have no idea how he does it all but I am so blessed to call him mine! 

Best Buds
Photo: These two. Best buds!

This chubby baby resembles my sweet boy, just a tad.
Photo: This chubby baby resembles my sweet boy, just a tad.

Sometimes you just need a nap...
Photo: Sometimes you just need a nap... #jacksonreid #sleepyboy #britax

this boy loves Shadow.
Photo: Thankful for a hubby and inlaws who save the day when Mommy isnt her best. This boy loves Shadow!  #jacksonreid #cowboyjacksonandshadow

Drew is so proud of his clearance find. (Jackson is more interested in taking Mommy's kindel.)

Kazak Update from AWAA

January 13, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jackson turns 3!

A visit from the "Birthday Fairy!"

Lunch date at Chilis & Orange Leaf!
Photo: We are improvising. Orange leaf! He let me know that he will still take a trip to the cupcake store on another day! Haha!

A Surprise from Mommy & Daddy after his nap! A balance bike!

Birthday dinner with the family at Chuck E Cheese! & Birthday cake #1!

Ticket blaster with Daddy!

Birthday boy request-NO party, a trip to the waterpark! We had a blast at the indoor waterpark!

lunch and ice cream after the water park.

Birthday dinner at Chueys

Snuggles after bedtime

A trip to Build a Bear





on the way home from his trip, shopping for candy at about midnight! lol

More of Birthday Week!
Photo: Happy 3rd Birthday to my favorite no pants wearing, 4 wheeler driving, big-hearted nephew, Jackson Reid!

Birthday week wouldnt be complete without a trip to Daylight Donuts!

Birthday cake #2!
Photo: The end of Birthday week! Cake #2 requested by the Birthday boy.

Drew approved!

Birthday week fun!
 lunch with Nanna at Zaxbys!